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Vanilla Pods Powder

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What is ground Madagascar vanilla pod powder? 
There are two types of vanilla bean powder, the first is pure vanilla beans that have been dried and ground to a powder (like ours). The second is dried and ground beans that have added sugar (sucrose, dextrose, or maltodextrin. etc.) and possibly other additives (silicon dioxide, cornstarch, evaporated cane juice, silica, cellulose etc.). Our Ground Madagascar Vanilla Powder is made of pristine, dried Madagascar beans that have been grounded to a fine powder. That's all! There are no additives or fillers of any kind whatsoever in our powder. Only Pure Vanilla Bean Powder
When to use ground Madagascan vanilla pod powder? 
Many baking recipes call for a mixture of dry ingredients that are added to wet ingredients. Use our ground vanilla in the dry ingredients and use extract or paste in wet ingredients.
Equivalencies – How much Ground Vanilla Bean Powder to Use?  Substitute any of the following for each other with confidence: 
2 inches of a vanilla bean 
1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder

Benefits of Madagascar vanilla pod powder. 
Ground vanilla bean powder has unique properties. Because our ground powder is unadulterated, it retains pure bourbon vanilla flavor very well. Unlike vanilla extract, ground vanilla powder contains no alcohol. Because our ground powder has no added sugar, it works well for diabetics and those who are avoiding sugar, starch and carbohydrates. Our ground powder is the rich, brown color of vanilla beans, not light like cornstarch or sugar, so it will blend in easily with dark ingredients such as chocolate. Ground vanilla bean powder yields a strong vanilla flavor.
Suggested uses of ground Madagascar vanilla pod powder 
In baking - use in dry mixes (think homemade hot chocolate mix or pancake mix), breads, frostings, icing, and buttercreams, or sprinkle on top of cakes, cookies or doughnuts 
When cooking - easily mixes in liquid without clumping, use in sauces 
In desserts - add to chocolates, meringues, custards, ice creams, and gelatos 
In beverages - add to coffee, tea, hot cocoa, smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails 
On fruit - sprinkle vanilla on fresh fruit instead of sugar 
Other uses - flavor sugar, salt, butter, nut butter, oil, lemon curd 
How to store  ground vanilla pod powder? 
Just like other vanilla products, store ground vanilla bean powder in an airtight (preferably glass) container, and keep in a cool, dry, dark place. Avoid extreme temperatures, and moist, humid, warm places. Do not freeze or refrigerate vanilla, as it depletes flavor and could encourage mold growth. When stored properly, vanilla beans, extract, paste and powder can last in excess of three years.

Product information:
Aroma, taste and use: With its intense, warm and sweet aroma, a small amount will flavor your food. Sweet floral-aromatic, ideal for cooking, all types of desserts etc.
Contents: Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods
Origin: Madagascar
Best before date:  05/2022
Cool, dry and dark place
Suggested use: 20-30g of powder /kg

Customer Reviews

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Victoria (Darlington, GB)

Beautiful aromatic ground vanilla. I'm really pleased with it & wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

Dakin (Bath, GB)
Lovely product

If like me you can’t tolerate refined sugar, it’s hard to include vanilla in recipes. This stuff is brilliant and has transformed my baking. You need 1/4 tspn of this where a recipe says 1 tspn vanilla essence, so you don’t need much. The recent cake I made (refined sugar free) was gloriously vanilla-y. Highly recommend

Rashida Yvonne Campbell (Pimlico, GB)
Substitute for vanilla extract

If you are looking for vanilla extract liquid the powder form is better as you get pure vanilla and is light weight

Olivia Hlaing (Blackpool, GB)
Swift delivery

Item arrived in minimal package which I’m personally happy about from an eco friendly perspective and I should say that it was still well packaged, and my product arrived in a good condition. Thank you :)

Marianne Henderson (Halesworth, GB)
vanilla powder

first time I'be bought vanilla powder. pleased that's available so I 'm able to avoid sugar and alcohol based vanilla. As well as the pods who are no good in my view at all.

Sofar not sure how compatible the powder is with liquid vanilla. I don't know how much I'll need to use to reach enough flavour. I've used it once but did not taste a lot of it. Maybe I did not use enough, wanting to be careful as each gram is around 70 pence! Arrived in good time.

Maria Molfino (Penicuik, GB)
Lovely Vanilla powder

Very nice Vanita powder arrived quick and nicely packed. I sprinkled on my yogurt and mango this morning.

delicious vanilla powder

So much easier than scraping seeds out of a pod ...

Sacha Kurucz (Gainsborough, GB)
Delicate & Sweet

Just what I was looking for! Reasonably priced and came super quickly. Really happy 😊

Coralie Mansfield (Milton Keynes, GB)
vanilla pod powder

very pleased with this product, versatile and easy to add good vanilla flavour without sugar, extra liquid or alcohol.

Kim Walker (Guildford, GB)
Great value Vanilla Powder

I purchased this vanilla powder as I wanted some vanilla without any sugar or additives.
It came in good time and is exactly what I wanted they also popped in a sample of gunpowder tea which was a nice touch.
I would highly recommend this company great service.

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victoria Bell (Darlington, GB)
Fast delivery

Great service! item arrived as described with fast delivery- thanks

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I am vey happy with my purchase.

Excellent Quality!

Thats it.....and also good value for money! I make tea from this and it will last me a while. Thx

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all great quality herbs and flowers!

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