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Guarana Powder

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Guarana is the seeds of the Paulinia cupana plant, growing in the Brazilian tropical forests. Extract from these seeds has recently been a popular addition to energy drinks, which uses its stimulating properties. Guarana mainly contains a lot of caffeine. This substance, produced by plants for protection against pests, has an amazing effect on the human body. Depending on the plant in which it is grown, it differs in time and intensity, and thus also has different names. Thus, the caffeine from the seeds of the Amazonian creeper is called guaranine. Guarana seed is a more efficient and healthier replacement for coffee.

The impact of guarana on human
Guarana grains contain several times more caffeine (here, as we mentioned: guaranine) than coffee, and yet it is safer for health. This is because it is absorbed more slowly, so its effect is even, gentler, but longer. The stimulation after guarana lasts about 6 hours, so one portion is practically enough for a whole day of work or intensive study until late.

Guarana also provides a number of other benefits:
- improves concentration and memory ability due to slower absorption than coffee does not cause nervousness,
- combats not only intellectual but also physical fatigue,
- improves oxygenation of the body, dilating blood vessels,
- reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes,
- is rich in antioxidants,
- has antibacterial properties,
- promotes slimming, accelerating the metabolism especially in combination with green tea.

Stimulating beverage additive - guarana
Guarana has a bitter taste, which also has a positive effect, because it protects us from overdosing. That's why it is good to combine it with sweet ingredients, it is perfect for cocktails, eg with bananas, strawberries, carob, yogurt or vegetable milk substitute. You can also add guarana to the coffee to strengthen it.

Guarana seed - how to use it?
Whole grains keep their freshness and their values ​​for longer. Before use, measure the quantity needed. Remember that guarana can also be overdosed, just like any natural stimulant. It is not recommended for people who can not consume any form of caffeine due to illness or medication.

Side effects: Too high doses of guarana can cause insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, increase in blood pressure, constipation.
Application: Endurance support, Concentration, Memory, Relaxation and mood
Warnings: Do not use during pregnancy, Do not use during lactation, Strong acting

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