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Dried Flowers and Petals

Comprehensive selection of the most colorful Dried Flowers and Petals on the market.

Our bountiful and vibrant collection is any crafter’s dream-come-true. These lovingly - tended Botanicals are perfect for DIY projects like bath bombs, candles, soaps, perfumes, skincare, potpourri, Biodegradable Confetti, Flower Girl Basket etc. It’s like having your own personal Garden to pick from!

Rose Bud Mix,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Rose Bud Mix

From £1.59

Edible Rose Petals - Food Grade,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Edible Rose Petals - Food Grade

From £1.59

Pink Rose Buds,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Pink Rose Buds

From £1.59

Peony Petals,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Peony Petals

From £1.19

Blue Cornflower Petals,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Blue Cornflower Petals

From £1.59

Rose Petals - Craft Grade,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Rose Petals - Craft Grade

From £0.99

Blue Mallow,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Blue Mallow

From £1.19

Yellow Rose Buds,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Yellow Rose Buds

From £1.59

Jasmine,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK


From £1.19

Lavender,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK


From £0.99

French Lavender,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

French Lavender

From £0.99

Blue Cornflowers,Dried Flowers,DGStoreUK

Blue Cornflowers

From £0.99