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Yunnan Gold Bud Tips - Black Tea


Indulge in the exquisite taste of Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea, a premium tea made from only the finest tea leaves harvested in the Yunnan province of China. This tea is renowned for its golden tips, which give it a distinctive flavor and appearance.

Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea is grown at high altitudes in the Yunnan province, where the cool temperatures and rich soil produce tea leaves with a complex and robust flavor. The tea leaves are hand-picked and carefully processed to preserve their natural flavor and aroma.

This tea has a rich and smooth flavor, with notes of honey, caramel, and malt. It is a full-bodied tea that is perfect for those who enjoy a rich and robust taste. Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea is also high in antioxidants and has been shown to have several health benefits, including boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and promoting heart health.

To brew a perfect cup of Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea, bring 240 ml of fresh water to a boil. Add one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to a tea infuser or teapot. Pour the hot water over the leaves and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. For a stronger brew, steep for up to 5 minutes. Remove the leaves and enjoy the rich and smooth flavor of Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea.

Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea pairs well with sweet or savory foods and can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk. It is a premium tea that is perfect for special occasions or for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Yunnan Gold Bud Tips black tea and discover why it is considered one of the finest black teas in the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jules (Manchester, GB)
Lovely smoky taste, strong.

This has that lovely smoky taste I like about Yunnan tea. It's very strong, a couple of leaves are enough for a big cup of tea. Careful if you have allergies like myself, this tea is histamine rich. I have it with a little warm milk and 1/4 spoon sugar, which might appear a sacriledge to some but it's the only way I can still enjoy it because sugar neutralises the histamine to a certain degree.

J. (Woodbridge, GB)
Great quality and taste

Very impressed with this tea, especially at the price.
Great service all round

Martin Reynolds (Newport, GB)
A surprise.

As Duncan says the first thing that strikes you about this tea apart from its colours and long leaf shapes is the earthy smell, something we have often found that led us to dislike the tea, but in this case we were more than pleasantly surprised by the first pot.
Yes - some of that smell does last into the brew but it seems to add to the character of this very tea - tea.
In many ways it seems to us a very old fashioned brew - a very good old fashioned brew, that was possibly even better on second brew and even third, when the slight change of flavour seems to remove entirely the earthy compounds. We found it both soothing and refreshing and always emptied the pot.
So then Tanin at its best, and a great addition to our tea larder.

Duncan Jackson
Interesting Tea

I'll be honest in saying that this is the first time I have tried this tea. It has a slightly earthy aroma when dry. When brewed the earthy aroma is intensified and there is a very slight, almost smokey undertone. It has a moderate orangy red colour. Very pleasant to drink with the earthy flavour not being too dominant. Very enjoyable.