Flowers & Petals

Largest selection of fully natural Dried Flowers and Petals on the market.

Our bountiful and vibrant collection is any crafter’s dream-come-true. These lovingly - tended Botanicals are perfect for DIY projects like bath bombs, candles, soaps, perfumes, skincare, potpourri, Biodegradable Confetti, Flower Girl Basket etc. It’s like having your own personal Garden to pick from!

Blue Cornflower Petals

COMMON NAME           Standardized: cornflower blue   Other: bachelor's button, cyaniBOTANICAL NAME       Centaurea cyanus      Plant Family: AsteraceaeINTRODUCTION   Cornflower blue is a common wildflower that has been cultivated as a garden flower for centuries....

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Safflower Petals

COMMON NAME Standardized: safflowerBOTANICAL NAME Carthamus tinctorius Plant Family: AsteraceaeOVERVIEW Safflower is more familiar to westerners as the source of vegetable oil but the petals of the native American plant...

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Orange Blossom Petals

COMMON NAME  Standarized: Orange Blossom Petals BOTANICAL NAME Citrus sinensis Plant Family: Rutaceae OTHER NAMES China Orange, Sweet Orange Petals, Love Fruit, Apfelsine, Orange de Malte, Fleur d’Oranger, Orange Douce, Arancia, Portugal Orange, Valencia Orange,...

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