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Butterfly Pea - Clitoria Ternatea - Dried Flowers - DGStoreUK.com

Butterfly Pea Flowers

£ 2.29

 If you love crafting and experimenting with natural materials, you will be amazed by our dried butterfly pea flowers. These flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but also have incredible properties that make them ideal for a variety of projects.

Butterfly pea flowers are native to Asia and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, food, and beverages. They are known for their stunning blue color, which comes from anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that can change color depending on the pH1.

You can use our dried butterfly pea flowers to create your own natural dye that can be used for fabrics, yarns, paper, and more. Just steep the flowers in hot water and watch the magic happen. You can also adjust the acidity of the water by adding lemon juice or baking soda to get different shades of blue, purple, and pink2.

But that’s not all. You can also use the dye to color your homemade soaps, bath salts, candles, and cosmetics. Imagine how gorgeous your products will look with the vibrant hues of butterfly pea flowers.

Order our dried butterfly pea flowers today and unleash your creativity with this magical ingredient. Whether you want to make a stunning scarf, a soothing soap, or a colorful candle, you will find endless possibilities with our dried butterfly pea flowers. Don’t miss this chance to add some color and fun to your crafts!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 295 reviews
Judi (Camberley, GB)
Arrived perfectly

Arrived in time, and in good condition. Also arrived with small sample of green tea leaves. For friends Bday, so perfect timing

Stuetto (Edenbridge, GB)
Spot on

Exactly what I expected and wanted.

Phil Elmer (Peterborough, GB)

Ideal for colouring my gin….!!

Keisha Rene (Greenwich, GB)

Really happy with my order! 5 stars

Tim G (London, GB)

Very lovely flower for making tea, also good for staining foods blue/purple like rice and tofu! Came well packaged and in a timely manner!

Teigan Gibson
Gorgeous blue colored tea that is like mag...

Gorgeous blue colored tea that is like magic when it changes colour when u add lemon juice. The tea itself doesnt have much taste

Georgia Willms
These flowers would make amazing tea or po...

These flowers would make amazing tea or possibly a natural dye! I used them to infuse with gin :) the pigment was almost immediately and incredible and it did not impact on the taste other than to leave a gentle hint of tea afterwards.

Cloudchaser Muller
A nice and calming tea that turns the wate...

A nice and calming tea that turns the water a brilliant blue colour; also greatly appreciated the surprise sample of genmaicha green tea. Would definitely shop here again! 🍵

Ana Ledner
Great quality dried flowers! I will order...

Great quality dried flowers! I will order again soon.

Maria Homenick
bellissimo, really happy with it ☺️

bellissimo, really happy with it ☺️