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Orange Flower Petals


COMMON NAME  Standarized: Orange Flowers

BOTANICAL NAME Citrus sinensis Plant Family: Rutaceae

OTHER NAMES China Orange, Sweet Orange Petals, Love Fruit, Apfelsine, Orange de Malte, Fleur d’Oranger, Orange Douce, Arancia, Portugal Orange, Valencia Orange, Sinaasappel, Chaang & Naranja.

DESCRIPTION  The sweet orange petals comes from sweet orange evergreen tree, native to southern China, which can now be found growing in southern Europe, the Mediterranean, north-eastern India and some parts of the United States such as California. It can reach height of 7-15 metres. The Leaves are alternate, oval and 4-10cm in length, dark glossy green in colour on the upper side and pale green on the underside. The individual 5-petaled flowers are approximately 2-3cm in diameter, they hang in small clusters.

USES AND PREPARATIONS  Orange flower water is used in middle-eastern cuisine used mostly in for making sweet dishes and confections, used in the perfume where an orange top note is required; it is also used in the cosmetics like soaps, face creams and. Dried flowers can be made into tea or added to pot pourri.
PRECAUTIONS  No known precautions