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Eucalyptus Leaves

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Eucalyptus properties
The strong essential oils contained in eucalyptus have a positive effect on the human body, relaxing and soothing, as well as facilitating breathing and supporting the fight against infections. Eucalyptus leaves, thanks to the oils and chemical compounds contained in them, are a great way to fight bacteria, fungi, and support the body's natural defenses. In addition, they support the airways, making it easier to breathe, for example during colds and flu.

Eucalyptus leaves - how to use?
Each of us probably met with oil or with medicines and cosmetics that contain eucalyptus. But how do you use eucalyptus leaves?

- Pour them with alcohol and in this way create an extract of eucalyptus, which has very strong antiviral and bactericidal properties. So it works in a way like a natural antibiotic that helps with respiratory infections.
- Apply to skin wounds also in the form of a brew. The oil contained in eucalyptus has antiseptic properties.
- Use in the form of inhaled infusion - it helps in cleaning the sinuses, dealing with chronic runny nose, cough and headache.
- You can also use the infusion together with other herbs as a mouthwash. Thanks to this, it is easier to get rid of the mycosis of the tongue and the entire oral cavity, as well as effectively eliminate the unpleasant odor.
- Extract rubbed into the scalp will improve the circumferential circulation and may contribute to less hair loss and cope with scalp mycoses, reducing the problem of dandruff and shifting.
- On the skin of the body - it supports the process of skin reconstruction, relaxes the nervous muscles and calms you down.
- Eucalyptus drunk everyday as a brew with a bit of honey bee effectively increases resistance to stress and microbes.

Eucalyptus leaves - how to brew?
Both externally and for drinking, eucalyptus infusion can be used. To do this, pour one teaspoon of eucalyptus leaves into a glass of water and simmer for 15 minutes. Then strain. Use 3 times a day for drinking

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Tran Hieu Binh
Very happy

Good quality product.

Natalie (Barnet, GB)

Fab quality as always and fast delivery thank you

Mario Larios (Bolton, GB)
Good product

The product is very good a bit pricey for what you get though. But I understand as they might be imported. Also I had to contact them by email because the Eucalyptus leaves didn’t come when they were supposed to. I didn’t get a reply for my email either but fortunately the leaves arrived.

Al Walters-ward (Leicester, GB)
Eucalyptus leaves

Brought for it medical qualities around clearing stubborn mucus off the chest and lungs, simply boil a couple leaves, once cooled down, drink it like tea, so big thumbs up too natural remedies, and good buy too antibiotics for chest infections.

Margaret Atkinson (Leicester, GB)
Magnificent Tree

The smell of the eucalyptus tree and the beauty of the tree itself - thank goodness for DGSTORE uk

amanda cole (Bridport, GB)
Very happy

Good quality product..arrived on time..thank you

Jessica Chango (Camberwell, GB)
Very good

Good quality and guaranteed to come on time .

Diana Marques (Luton, GB)

Good quality. Thank you

Erika (Wood Green, GB)

good quality products, value for money

Kineite Da Silva (Braintree, GB)
good deal

thanks good quality of product and come on time.

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Christine Diddams (Hampshire, GB)

Extremely good value. Good delivery.

Delightfully smokey

Another tea that's been one of my go to teas for some time. Complex, subtly smokey in flavour that leaves a pleasant earthy aftertaste.

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Duncan Jackson
One of my favourites

I really love this tea. It has a wonderful earthy, sweet, milky aroma and a rich deep creamy flavour and it is one of my favourites.

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A lovely, pale, delicate and refreshing tea. Excellent quality and value as it can be rebrewed several times without a deterioration in taste.

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At last

Excellent...this has been helping me to no longer use sugar. Definitely recommend people to try this...

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Eli (Manchester, GB)
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Recommended by a family member this is the 3rd purchase i have made.
when i had covid for the 2nd time Mullein really helped clean my chest of infection and helped to get rid of it quickly.
Its easy to use and there is no nasty taste. Excellent value for money, I have since recommended Mullein to all my friends and family.

Very aromatic

This tea is really nice, you can taste the nutty flavour along with the green tea flavour. Always drink it without any sweeteners it's always so fresh tasting. Fantastic I give it to all my friends and family would definitely be buying again. Its a classic Japanese type of tea and at a good price.

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Christina Freeman (Camberley, GB)
Very drinkable

All day drink for me, I really like the subtle sweetness of this tea and, well, it just feels healthy to drink.

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Ayla (Shaftesbury, GB)
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I enjoyed adding this to my tea, great service and arrived quickly