Cold & Infections

Herbs collected in this category help us recover faster when we have an infection or a cold, and bring relief to our respiratory system.

Cat's Claw / Vilcacora

Vilcacora (Uncaria tomentosa), also called cat's claw, is a powerful, woody climber from the Amazon jungle, whose bark has been used by native shamans and healers for over 2,000 years. Traditional...

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So adorable and just what I expected!

Arnica Flowers

I used this to infuse oils to make arnica cream it is lovely thank you



Butterfly Pea tea

Delicious tea, lovely smooth taste. Country of origin - and Thailand. Love it! Thank you dgstore for fast delivery!


I love dandelion greens. I usually order fresh leaves from organic farm but due to pandemic and current season it is not available. I do regular detox due to my previous health conditions and dandelion is a number 1 liver cleanser. I add this dandelion root to my smoothies or grind it into fine powder and sprinkle my salads or I have it in my fresh vegetable juice. It is a bit bitter but this is what dandelion tastes like and I always couple it with lime or lemon and I am in love with the flavour. It took a long time to come, over 2 weeks, but it does not bother me. Really good bag size as well and not expensive at all. I am very pleased. The root is said to be more potent than leaves so I am looking forward to try it for longer time and see the improvement of my skin condition. So far I used it only few times but I am very pleased. Thank you DGstore uk.
Oh! And I also received the green tea sample :)