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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

£ 4.49

Indulge in the smoky, bold flavor of Lapsang Souchong black tea, a tea that is famous for its unique smoky aroma and taste. Originating from the Wuyi Mountains of China, this tea is crafted using traditional methods that have been passed down for centuries.

Lapsang Souchong black tea is made by smoking the tea leaves over pinewood fires, which gives the tea its distinct smoky flavor and aroma. This tea has a strong and bold taste, with notes of pine, cedar, and a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate.

To brew a perfect cup of Lapsang Souchong black tea, bring 240 ml of fresh water to a boil. Add one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to a tea infuser or teapot. Pour the hot water over the leaves and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. For a stronger brew, steep for up to 5 minutes. Remove the leaves and enjoy the smoky, bold flavor of Lapsang Souchong black tea.

Lapsang Souchong black tea is a unique and flavorful tea that is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and smoky taste. It pairs well with savory foods, such as meats and cheeses, and can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Duncan Jackson
Delightfully smokey

Another tea that's been one of my go to teas for some time. Complex, subtly smokey in flavour that leaves a pleasant earthy aftertaste.

Carmen Caicedo (Haywards Heath, GB)
Not my favourite at first

I must admit, this tea wasn’t my favourite but I really enjoy it now

R. Karkkainen (Shrewsbury, GB)
My all times favourity

Nice and smoky

Sanna (Bristol, GB)
no frills tea

Really lovely good quality tea! I like paying for the quality of the product, not for the fancy packaging. :)

C Loarridge (Ayr, GB)

Several orders over last few months - really enjoy

Joceline Nason
Tasty tea

I ordered this for my husband and he loved it, great tasting tea

Rosanna Beeby (Kings Cross, GB)
Excellent product. Genuine taste

Able to make several cups of tea from a mere spoonful. The taste is quite pungent and full of flavour.

George Brandwood (Manchester, GB)
Relaxing Tea Break

I Drink Teas as an infusion of blends , Lapsang , being one of the distinguished Teas to relax too , DG has a good varieties allowing for health benefits when a Cats Claw is added helping to fight off the causes of Cancer