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White Tea - Pai Mu Tan (Bai Mudan)


Pai Mu Tan (Bai Mudan)
White Tea
Bai Mudan is a type of white tea made from plucks each with one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves of the camelia sinensis plant. Bai Mudan is sometimes preferred by white tea drinkers for its fuller flavor and greater potency than the other major type of white tea. 

Bai Mudan is a white tea. The plucks are sun-withered for an extended period of time and then piled briefly for oxidation, during which enzymes of the tealeaves interact with other constituents to form new materials that result in the final taste and aromatic character of the tea. 
No frying and rubbing is used in the processing, only natural wilting and drying in the sun. This makes Bai Mudan one of the most natural teas in the world. Tea has a wonderfully colourful, dry, intact leaf. Its volume is very light due to the “Big White” leaves that are used in its production. 

Tasting and brewing

A very mild peony aroma and a floral aroma are noticed when brewing the tea. The tea is best brewed with good mineral water and at 70 °C to 80 °C (158 °F to 176 °F). The brew is a very pale green or golden color. The flavor is fruity

Using hot water to pre-warm your cup and utensils for brewing not only clears away any dirt or flavors from previous teas brewed, but it also keeps the tea at an ideal temperature.
Washing or rinsing your tea leaves before brewing can remove any impurities so that you can enjoy the pure authentic flavor of the Yunnan tea.