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Largest selection of fully natural Dried Flowers and Petals on the market.

Our bountiful and vibrant collection is any crafter’s dream-come-true. These lovingly - tended Botanicals are perfect for DIY projects like bath bombs, candles, soaps, perfumes, skincare, potpourri, Biodegradable Confetti, Flower Girl Basket etc. It’s like having your own personal Garden to pick from!


COMMON NAME Standardized: Helichrysum, yellow chaste weedBOTANICAL NAME Helichrysum arenarium OVERVIEW A native to the Mediterranean, the golden yellow flower heads of the helichrysum are collected before they open for herbal...

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Chrysanthemum Flowers

COMMON NAME      Standardized: chrysanthemum flower Other: florist's chrysanthemum flower, mum BOTANICAL NAME         Chrysanthemum  Plant Family: Asteraceae INTRODUCTION  The wild chrysanthemum flower is a sprawling, leafy plant with clusters of daisy like flowers...

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Primrose Flowers

COMMON NAME Standardized: Primrose flower Other: cowslip, common cowslip, cowslip primrose BOTANICAL NAME Primula Veris Plant Family: Primulaceae OVERVIEW Primrose flower is a variable evergreen or semi-evergreen perennial plant growing...

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Magnolia Flowers

COMMON NAME Standardized: Magnolia flowers Other: Magnolia, Yulania, Gynopodium BOTANICAL NAME Magnolia virginiana Plant Family: Magnoliaceae PARTS USED Magnolia Flowers OVERVIEW Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering...

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Dandelion Flowers

COMMON NAME Standardized: dandelion flowers Other: lion's tooth  BOTANICAL NAME Taraxacum officinale Plant Family: Asteraceae   SYNONYMS Taraxacum dens-leonis, Taraxacum vulgare PARTS USED Dandelion Flowers OVERVIEW Dandelion flowers is a sunny,...

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Red Clover

COMMON NAME Standardized: red cloverBOTANICAL NAME Trifolium pratense L. Plant Family: FabaceaeOVERVIEW Red clover is a low growing perennial, native to northwest Africa, Asia, and Europe. It has since been...

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Light Pink Cornflowers

COMMON NAME Standardized: cornflower flowers Other: bachelor's button, cyani BOTANICAL NAME Centaurea cyanus Plant Family: Asteraceae INTRODUCTION Cornflower flowers is a common wildflower that has been cultivated as a garden...

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Roman Chamomile

COMMON NAME   Standardized: Roman chamomile   Other: Chamomile, mayweed, true chamomile BOTANICAL NAME   Chamaemelum nobile   Plant Family: Asteraceae PARTS USED   Roman Chamomile FlowersOVERVIEW   Roman Chamomile is a gentle herb known throughout most of the world which...

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Gomphrena - Globe Amaranth

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button. In Chinese, Qian Ri Hong translates to Thousand Days Red due to the long blooming period of the flower.In Trinidad...

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