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Allspice Berries / Pimento

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Add allspice berries to your dishes and feel the great taste

Discover the 
advantages and properties of this wonderful spice. Allspice appeared in Europe only in the sixteenth century, but immediately gained great popularity. Originally, the herb comes from the areas of South and Central America, mainly grown in Mexico. This spice has a spicy aroma reminiscent of cloves with a hint of fruity notes. Allspice has in its composition essential oils, which are responsible for the characteristic smell of the plant. These are bitter and sharp notes that perfectly emphasize the taste of dishes and provide warming effects. Allspice is very popular in the Middle East. They are often added to dishes instead of salt and pepper.
Allspice seed - how does it affect the body?
The health properties of pimento berries positively affect the functioning of the whole organism. The plant is used in the case of such ailments as:
- colic
- bloating
- neuralgia
- rheumatism.
In addition, allspice has light antiseptic properties. It helps in the absorption of selenium, carotene and B vitamins.
Allspice - where to use
This spice is added to meat dishes (and it is the most popular form), soups, vegetables and even sweet dishes. It perfectly blends with venison, gives aroma to soups and sauces. Allspice is used as an addition to cabbage, stew and pickled cucumbers. It is an irreplaceable ingredient of marinades and canned meats. Allspice berries can also be added to compotes, cakes, liqueurs and even pancakes, due to the warm, spicy aroma.
Allspice Berries - how to use
The use of Allspice Berries in the form of grains is no different than using a ground version. The only step is to add the right amount of berries to the cooking or fried food. In this case, however, high temperature does not play such a big role. Allspice tastes good in any form, regardless of heating. With its use you can make delicious pickles and preserves. They will keep their freshness and aroma for a long time.

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Allspice berries
Allspice berries
Great quality dried spice berries
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So adorable and just what I expected!

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I love dandelion greens. I usually order fresh leaves from organic farm but due to pandemic and current season it is not available. I do regular detox due to my previous health conditions and dandelion is a number 1 liver cleanser. I add this dandelion root to my smoothies or grind it into fine powder and sprinkle my salads or I have it in my fresh vegetable juice. It is a bit bitter but this is what dandelion tastes like and I always couple it with lime or lemon and I am in love with the flavour. It took a long time to come, over 2 weeks, but it does not bother me. Really good bag size as well and not expensive at all. I am very pleased. The root is said to be more potent than leaves so I am looking forward to try it for longer time and see the improvement of my skin condition. So far I used it only few times but I am very pleased. Thank you DGstore uk.
Oh! And I also received the green tea sample :)