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Russian Caravan Black Tea,Tea,DGStoreUK

Russian Caravan Black Tea

£ 4.79

It is most classic blend with name Russian Caravan. The highest quality teas were used to create this mixture – Indian Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan Black tea blended with smoked Chinese Lapsang. Russian Caravan blend have characteristic taste and is described as an aromatic and full-bodied tea with a sweet, malty taste. Presents of smoked Lapsang gave to the blend this desired smoky taste.

Our Russian Caravan mix consist of Assam and Yunnan black tea which gives to the tea sweet and malty taste, Ceylon black tea make it light and floral, smoked Lapsang tea give this characteristic, smoky layer to the blend. Brewed tea is coppery to dark amber when longer brewed, aroma is very attractive with toasty notes. Flavour is full bodied, balanced and pleasantly nice.

Brewing tips:

Use 2 to 3 grams, 200 mills of water at around 95+ C degrees, 1 to 3 mins depend on preferences. 

All brewing tips is a guidance only. The best is experiment to find own way depend on preferences.

Customer Reviews

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anthony coates (Hartlepool, GB)
Propa tea

English breakfast is my regular order, for me Lapsong is OTT. Russian Caravan gives just the right mix of smokey

Stephen Bennetts (Camborne, GB)
Russian Caravan Tea

This is lovely stuff. Very Smokey and deep flavour. Well worth the money.... which isn't much really, is it.

Tobey Crockett (Morro Bay, US)
Pretty good, not try to damn with faint praise - I have bought a LOT of it!

This is a pretty decent Russian Caravan tea blend, and is in fact, so far, the best substitute for the long-lost formula for the Russian Caravan tea that Peets used to offer (then Mighty Leaf took it over afterwards). This is not as scrumptious as that one, and I have been experimenting with additional elements to try to approximate that remembered deliciousness. And I did have an opportunity to taste the two blends (Mighty Leaf & DGStoreUK) side by side.

So - what this one really needs is more Lapsang Souchong for that smoky nose, as well as some other medium-bodied note I haven't been able to identify yet (it is not assam or oolong. I am still waiting to try blending in keemun, or perhaps a golden tips from Nepal. TBD if those work). Nonetheless, I am buying my third batch of THIS tea from DGStoreUK, and will likely continue for some time. Until I can perfect my own blend! LOL. That may take a while....

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Jo Gee (Barking, GB)
Ooblong tea

Ooblong great tea really love the taste and added ginger to this it’s such a nice blend of tea.

Bamboo Leaf Tea
Jo Gee (Barking, GB)
Bamboo for youth!

I tried this tea yesterday for the time as it’s not something you see very often. I learned this is good for teeth , bones and skin so I have used in my skin cream I just made can’t wait to try it.

Sapphire Garden - Oolong Tea
Jo Gee (Barking, GB)
Blue blizz tea!!

Love it wow I was looking for a new tea to drink and this is defined my favourite one! Love it.


Great thanks.very fast delivery.

Marigold Petals
Millie Mondal (Kingston upon Thames, GB)

Beautiful petals, bright colour. Perfect for my project.
I'll be back for more 😊