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Russian Caravan Black Tea


Experience the rich and smoky flavor of Russian Caravan black tea, a tea that has a storied history and a unique taste that is sure to delight your senses. This tea is a blend of different black teas, including Lapsang Souchong, and is known for its smoky and bold flavor profile.

Russian Caravan black tea gets its name from the ancient trade route that once linked China and Russia. It is said that the tea was transported by camel caravan along this route, which imparted a smoky flavor to the tea as it was exposed to the campfires along the way.

This tea has a strong and bold flavor, with notes of pine, cedar, and a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate. It is a full-bodied tea that is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and smoky taste.

In addition to its unique flavor profile, Russian Caravan black tea also has several health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, boost energy levels, aid in digestion, and may even help to reduce stress and anxiety.

To brew a perfect cup of Russian Caravan black tea, bring 240 ml of fresh water to a boil. Add one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to a tea infuser or teapot. Pour the hot water over the leaves and let it steep for 3-4 minutes. For a stronger brew, steep for up to 5 minutes. Remove the leaves and enjoy the bold and smoky flavor of Russian Caravan black tea.

Russian Caravan black tea pairs well with savory foods, such as meats and cheeses, and can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk. It is a unique and flavorful tea that is perfect for those who enjoy a bold and smoky taste.

Experience the rich and unique flavor of Russian Caravan black tea and discover why it has been a favorite of tea lovers for centuries.

Customer Reviews

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anthony coates (Hartlepool, GB)
Propa tea

English breakfast is my regular order, for me Lapsong is OTT. Russian Caravan gives just the right mix of smokey

Stephen Bennetts (Camborne, GB)
Russian Caravan Tea

This is lovely stuff. Very Smokey and deep flavour. Well worth the money.... which isn't much really, is it.

Heather Waelchi
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Tobey Crockett (Morro Bay, US)
Pretty good, not try to damn with faint praise - I have bought a LOT of it!

This is a pretty decent Russian Caravan tea blend, and is in fact, so far, the best substitute for the long-lost formula for the Russian Caravan tea that Peets used to offer (then Mighty Leaf took it over afterwards). This is not as scrumptious as that one, and I have been experimenting with additional elements to try to approximate that remembered deliciousness. And I did have an opportunity to taste the two blends (Mighty Leaf & DGStoreUK) side by side.

So - what this one really needs is more Lapsang Souchong for that smoky nose, as well as some other medium-bodied note I haven't been able to identify yet (it is not assam or oolong. I am still waiting to try blending in keemun, or perhaps a golden tips from Nepal. TBD if those work). Nonetheless, I am buying my third batch of THIS tea from DGStoreUK, and will likely continue for some time. Until I can perfect my own blend! LOL. That may take a while....

Ashnonbinary Spencer
Smells gorgeous and I'm so excited to try...

Smells gorgeous and I'm so excited to try it out