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Carnation Flowers


COMMON NAME Standarized:
 Carnation Flowers Other: Clove pink

BOTANICAL NAME Dianthus caryophyllus Plant Family:  Caryophyllaceae

Carnation flowers are one of the more beautiful flowers used by florists when creating arrangements like boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets. Carnation flowers can be red, pink, white, purple, green and more. The popularity of the carnation is largely due to their beauty, but also because they are long lasting.
Carnation flowers are popular for some of their other uses, besides just looking pretty. The carnation flowers can be made into carnation oils and used in massage oils. 
Carnation oil is popular because it helps promote relaxation. These massage oils are used because it is said that they promote skin regeneration, make skin softer and leave a sweet and soothing scent on the skin. Carnations have also been used to treat skin irritation and rashes. Carnation flowers oil is also popular for making sweet smelling perfume.

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Creams, washes, liniments, teas, and infusions. Carnations flowers are also used as ingredients in cooking, soaps, bath bombs, candles and potpourri. Carnation flowers may be used in the bath and their bright appearance makes a lovely contribution to most any creations

Specific: No known precautions.
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