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Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine

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Why should you use Himalayan salt?
First of all, it has a lot of minerals that are perfectly absorbed by the body. No wonder that Himalayan salt is one of the most frequently purchased products in the health food store and a component of many natural body care products. In addition to beneficial medical activities, such as: lowering blood pressure, regulating the water level in the body or preventing muscle cramps, Himalayan salt is also great as:

- the ingredient of body scrubs and tonics refreshing the skin has a strong cleansing effect and helps in removing dead skin;
- an agent for removing toxins from the body and a microcirculatory agent;
- a substance to detoxify the body especially when added to the bath;
- a component for treatments - it works well, among others during influenza, but also during recovery eg after injuries or sprains;
- the culinary remedy is an excellent addition to dishes, extracting their taste, without any harmful substances;
What is important, the active ingredients contained in the Himalayan salt affect not only the skin, but also its receptors in the event of deficiencies, they are absorbed through the skin and thus supplement their deficiencies in the body.

What is the use of Himalayan salt?
This type of salt occurs on many tables and is often used by chefs around the world. It fits most dishes, supplementing them well and adding clarity. It is a great addition to both heavy dishes and those lighter.

How to use - Himalayan salt
There is nothing complicated about it. All you have to do is open the package, add the right portion to the dish and mix thoroughly.

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Good quality, this lovely salt is ideal for my bath soaks.

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