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Jasmine Phoenix Pearls Tea DGStoreUK

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - Green Tea

£ 5.29
Our perfectly balanced green tea Jasmine Phoenix Pearl also known as 'Jasmine Dragon Pearls', their liquor is sweet and almost sugary, very soft, airy mouthfeel. In China known as Mo Li Hua Zhu - tea combines an intense floral taste and a beautiful jasmine fragrance. Tea Infusion has an elegant champagne color that looks stunning in glassware.

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls is an artisan Chinese tea made from the highest quality green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. During production, tea leaves are layered with flowering buds of fresh jasmine, which allows the penetration of essential jasmine oils into the tea. The tea leaves are then gently rolled into beautiful small pearls, which unflur after being stepped in hot water.

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls tea is so named because of its pearly shape. The green tea used in the production grows in the Chinese province of Fujian. Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea is created by hand rolling specially plucked long, silver, velvety shoots into little tea balls which are then naturally scented with fresh, aromatic jasmine flowers.

Tasting and brewing

Their liquor is sweet and almost sugary, very soft, airy mouthfeel.  An intense, floral and smooth flavour with a fresh, spring undertone.  The brew is a Light-yellow, champagne color.

The tea is best brewed with water at 70 °C to 80 °C (158 °F to 176 °F).

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Miller (Saint Leonards-on-Sea, GB)
Jasmine Phoenix pearls

I liked the Pearls a lot. Also the packaging was excellent.

Buddhi Gurung (Croydon, GB)

Excellent tea I can’t explain

A.T. (Wimbledon, GB)
Very good!

Very nice taste!

Corinna Metters (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
phoenix jasmine

this is the most fragrantly delicious tea, I love it! I don't normally spend massive amount on tea but once in a while I try something new. This, is a beautiful tea.

Dzmitry Mironenka (Aldershot, GB)
My favourite,great tea

Will definitely buy again

Noeline Beesley (Bristol, GB)
Jasmine pearls order

Excellent product & speedy delivery.

m warwick (Leeds, GB)

Another lovely tea from DG stores.
So looking forward to trying this.
Always excellent service and quality.
Thank you

Lovely, classic Jasmine Tea

Great tea, and very good value - especially as you can infuse the leaves more than once

Christina Freeman (Aldershot, GB)
Lovely but ...

For me, the instructions for a heaped tsp was way too much even in a teapot. This made the tea too overpowering - which if this suits your taste then great. I find one pearl in one mug is perfect instead.

Mr V Dang (London, GB)
Beautiful tea and great delivery

Will definitely order from you again

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Christine Diddams (Hampshire, GB)

Extremely good value. Good delivery.

Delightfully smokey

Another tea that's been one of my go to teas for some time. Complex, subtly smokey in flavour that leaves a pleasant earthy aftertaste.

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Duncan Jackson
One of my favourites

I really love this tea. It has a wonderful earthy, sweet, milky aroma and a rich deep creamy flavour and it is one of my favourites.

Pale and refreshing

A lovely, pale, delicate and refreshing tea. Excellent quality and value as it can be rebrewed several times without a deterioration in taste.

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Ross (Birmingham, GB)
Good quality!

Good quality tea. Best I've found so far.

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nick palmieri (Edinburgh, GB)
At last

Excellent...this has been helping me to no longer use sugar. Definitely recommend people to try this...

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Eli (Manchester, GB)
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Recommended by a family member this is the 3rd purchase i have made.
when i had covid for the 2nd time Mullein really helped clean my chest of infection and helped to get rid of it quickly.
Its easy to use and there is no nasty taste. Excellent value for money, I have since recommended Mullein to all my friends and family.

Very aromatic

This tea is really nice, you can taste the nutty flavour along with the green tea flavour. Always drink it without any sweeteners it's always so fresh tasting. Fantastic I give it to all my friends and family would definitely be buying again. Its a classic Japanese type of tea and at a good price.

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Christina Freeman (Camberley, GB)
Very drinkable

All day drink for me, I really like the subtle sweetness of this tea and, well, it just feels healthy to drink.

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Ayla (Shaftesbury, GB)
Hawthorn flower and leaf

I enjoyed adding this to my tea, great service and arrived quickly