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Tie Guan Yin - Oolong Tea

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Oolong is excellent tea which well stimulating the body. To produce this delicious tea were used high quality oolong tea leaves. Tea is semi-fermented with sweet taste and refreshing aroma. Invigorating and deliciously sweet. Our Oolong is a healthy drink that nourishes the body and enriches the soul. A perfect cup to start the day!

Health benefits:
- Lose weight and strengthen the body.
- Stimulating body and help increase energy levels, 
- helps in decreasing the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body. -used to protect the liver and boost the immune system.,
- Packed with antioxidants,
- Reduces the physical and mental stress,
- Promote blood circulation,  lower cholesterol, 
- Aid digestion and helps in warming the stomach.

Oolong how to brew?
- Need to make sure you have water ready at boiling point 
- Steep 3 gram of oolong leaves for 4 - 5 minutes. The tea is ready when  leaves have unfurled. Afterwards, pour a cup and enjoy the rejuvenating aroma before savoring the delicious cup.
- After the first steep, the second can be a bit shorter as the leaves have already opened up. Apply 2 minutes for your second brew and increase the steeping time for next rounds.

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Exactly what I wanted. Arrived promptly and no delivery charge! Plus a free sample. Excellent!


Excellent,will be buying again

Beautiful colours

Very good quality, absolutely love using! ❤️

Blue magic

This is a very satisfying tea a great taste

Beautiful red colour leaches into water

Having fun experimenting today; finding natural plant dyes. These hibiscus flowers, as you can see, release the most beautiful, vibrant red.