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Yunnan Silver Screw White Tea

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Yunnan Silver Screw
High-quality White Yunnan tea with characteristically twisted leaves resembling small snails, with the addition of Silver tips. Only fine gold leaves were used to create this delicious tea. It has an exquisite taste, strong and aromatic infusion of amber color. It is a perfect tea for all who appreciate the taste of White tea. 

Yunnan tea how to brew? Here are several tips for you to get the most from your Yunnan White tea:
Temperature: 90°C Time: 2 to 4 minutes
Using hot water to pre-warm your cup and utensils for brewing not only clears away any dirt or flavors from previous teas brewed, but it also keeps the tea at an ideal temperature.
Washing or rinsing your tea leaves before brewing can remove any impurities so that you can enjoy the pure authentic flavor of the Yunnan tea.