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Cumin Seeds

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Oriental flavor of cumin on your table!
Cumin is a luxurious spice, widespread in the Orient countries and imported from there. It is probably derived from Egypt, from where trade routes, through Greece, Rome and Arab countries, traveled to India and China. Cumin, has a beautiful spicy smell and taste with a complex bouquet, with sweet and bitter notes, so it is part of many blends of herbs is an integral part of the Arabic and Indian cuisine.
Cumin contains many valuable ingredients for health. Get to know the exact advantages and properties of cumin seeds and how to use it in the kitchen to enrich the taste of your dishes!
More than spice - how does Cumin affect health?
Centuries ago, the cumin has been used in natural medicine and is invaluable to this day in the absence of appetite, heartache or discomfort associated with pregnancy (nausea, edema). Due to the content of valuable essential oils and flavonoids, cumin has a positive effect on health and beauty. It is also used in aromatherapy.
Cumin Seeds has the following properties:
- stimulates the heart and respiratory system
- increases the production of digestive juices
- reduces the level of bad cholesterol
- has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-allergic properties
- cleanses the body and protects the liver
- makes the blood vessels more elastic.
Cumin Seeds - Where to use?
Cumin is a spice that is characterized by a sweet-spicy taste and a distinctive fragrance. Thanks to this, it highlights the advantages of Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, being one of the main ingredients of curry. Perfectly suited as an addition to dishes prepared on a large pan, stewed or steamed, which can be found in traditional Moroccan cuisine. Cumin seeds will also perfectly blend with grilled meat and roasts in an aromatic sauce, pates and sausages or cheeses. With its use, it also prepares traditional German Kummel liqueur.
Cumin in the kitchen - what is worth knowing about it?
This spice has a very intense flavor and aroma. Therefore, in the kitchen you should use cumin in moderation: its intense taste can override the qualities of other ingredients or make them bitter.

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