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Coriander Seeds

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Oriental flavor of Corriander on your table!
Learn the advantages and properties of coriander seed and how to use it in the kitchen to enrich the taste of dishes. This plant is a component of many mixtures of spices and gives the dishes a spicy, oriental flavour. The citrus note is noticeable in taste and smell. In conjunction with spiceness, it is stimulating and refreshing and fits perfectly with oriental dishes, as well as with fish and seafood.
Coriander seeds as herb
This plant has been used since antiquity. Due to its properties, it was recommended to its patients by Hippocrates, the father of today's medicine. Coriander has been used for the following health ailments for centuries:
- digestive problems: colic, cramps
- bloating and constipation
- lack of appetite
- inflammation of the skin and the entire organism
- stress
Today's science also confirms that grains are a rich source of antioxidants of chemical compounds that prevent  aging.
Coriander seeds in your kitchen
Mature seeds are sweet, mild and aromatic; their taste has a noticeable delicate note of orange peel or lemonPerfect for spicy Indian, Mexican or Middle Eastern dishes. You can use them to spice up fish straight and sophisticated at the same time, coriander will give them a distinctive character and will compensate for the muddy aftertaste of freshwater species. It will also be an excellent ingredient for meat marinades or a tasty variety of salad dressings.
Coriander seeds - how to use?
In herbal stores you can find coriander both in the form of powdered and whole seeds. However, it is best to buy her seeds and crush them in a mortar or grind in a spice mill just before adding to the dish: ground coriander very quickly loses its flavor and aroma, and the seeds can be stored for much longer. To bring out their full flavor, you can further roast them on a dry frying pan before use. Freshly chopped coriander seeds can be combined with oriental spices, pepper, garlic and Mediterranean herbs depending on the type of dish.

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