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Discover the many health benefits of herbs with our collection of dried and whole herbs. From classic kitchen staples like thyme and rosemary to lesser-known herbs like hibiscus and lavender, we have everything you need to add flavor and nutrition to your meals and drinks. Whether you're looking to support your immune system, soothe your digestive system, or simply add more variety to your diet, our selection of herbs has got you covered.

Basil Leaf

Basil leaf is a green leafy herb that is commonly used in cooking and also has medicinal properties. It has a sweet and spicy aroma and flavor that adds depth...

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Coriander Leaf

Introducing dry coriander leaf, also known as cilantro, a popular herb used in many different types of cuisines around the world. This herb is known for its bright, fresh flavor...

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This aromatic herb, also known as "sweet marjoram," has been used for centuries in culinary and medicinal applications. Dried marjoram is a member of the mint family and has a...

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Parsley Leaf

With its refreshing flavor and impressive array of health benefits, parsley leaf is a must-have ingredient for any kitchen. Parsley leaf is packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A,...

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Introducing Rosemary - the versatile herb that has been used in cooking, medicine, and even skincare for centuries. With its distinct aroma and potent properties, rosemary has become a must-have...

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Tarragon Herb

Introducing the versatile and flavorful Tarragon - a must-have in every kitchen! Tarragon is a herb that boasts a distinct flavor profile, often described as sweet and anise-like, with a...

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Thyme is a highly aromatic and versatile herb that is packed with numerous health benefits and culinary uses. It is an essential ingredient in many popular dishes and a favorite...

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